The sun is peeking out from behind its blanket of clouds, the birds are singing, and everyone is starting to realize that summer is almost here.  Are you ready?


Here are five fabulous ways to make sure you shine from head to toe this summer.



Now is the time to pick up summer dresses, shorts, tops and swim wear.  Shops are fully stocked for summer, and you will have the most selection.  Leaving your summer shopping until later in the season, you risk the pieces you want being sold out, especially in popular colors and sizes.

Look ahead to see what events you may have this summer; graduations, parties,  4th of July, and weddings.  Start looking for the right pieces now, so that you’re ready when the events come your way.



Make an appointment with your stylist.  If you’re looking for that summer, sun-kissed look, you’re going to want to start lightening up early.  This could be a process so make sure you give your stylist enough time. 

Even if you’re not looking for a color change, now is the time to fix up all the damage winter weather has done to your hair.  Remember stylists are busy during summer so don't wait until last minute.



Start shopping for some hot footwear for the season, summer sandals and wedges are filling up store shelves and, like clothing, its best to shop early to get what you want, especially if you’re a popular size.



If you exfoliate all year round, you’re already half way there! If not, don’t despair, there’s still plenty of time to get your skin summer ready.  Daily exfoliation will get rid of dead skin and winter build up, and really brighten up your complexion

I recommend dry brushing your skin daily, or making a DIY exfoliatier like this amazing DIY one.  Also, don’t forget to pick up a sunscreen and wear it daily, all year round.



Its mani-pedi time!  Nothing looks worse than open toed shoes with non-manicured nails.  I recommend a pedicure at least every 4 weeks during the summer season.  It’s a great way to add some fun color to your outfits too.


Most importantly, have fun!