Cardigan Target, Tank Top Bliss On State, Jeggings Bliss On State, Boots  Macy's, Belt Bliss On State
When I looked through my girlfriend closet I decided the best thing for her and her lifestyle would be to pair outfits together.  She is a working mom of two and doesn't have time to put new looks together everyday.  I am sure we can all relate!  Our main focus was the current season fall/winter.  
  • 1. Get rid of clothing you are not wearing period!!  I know this can be emotional because we get attached to items but you will feel better with less clutter.
  • 2. Take clothing to a consignment store as soon as possible.  You don't wan't any items to return to your closet and  you can earn some cash to reinvest in your wardrobe.
  • 3. Now you have narrowed your closet down and you are ready to put new outfits together.  I recommend having a friend help you out.
  • 4. We put complete outfits together and hung them that way.  That way when you get your self together for the day you just grab the outfit and go.
I hope you found this helpful and would love your comments and questions.
{live beautifully}
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